Best hunting scope for the money

One thing is to look, and another is to see. And in the big game, both stalking and stalking must see very well. This note is aimed primarily at beginners or those with little experience. Assuming that the more you know, the less possibility has to be deceived (or dominated), is to be discussed in this paper provide some clues to help you choose a best hunting scope for the money.

We are motivated by this report after witnessing a gun shop, how a young man who wanted advice to buy a telescopic sight to ride him to his newly purchased .308 caliber Winchester rifle, the seller convinced (as I had no alternative to offer and I not want to miss the “dove”) that the best was a mark xxx whose focal length was from a compressed air. Before we dive into the subject, it is important to note that when determining buy a gun for hunting wild boars, deer, antelope and other species that inhabit our soil, useless a good rifle with a scope “farting” is taken. Then we accidently.

MAKING NUMBERS consider it necessary to assess the costs involve our (s) purchase (s) because once we have paid the money and if we’re wrong we will lose nearly half the money spent to desserts nail, as a bad sell. We believe that you can not buy a Porsche and then not have money to throw gasoline or pay the patent. Another example could buy a Fiat 147 and then put audio equipment worth three times more than the little car. So before tackling purchase a “full team” hunting, composed of “three legs” fundamental as are the gun, telescopic sights, and mounts, do not rush. Optical viewfinders The basis of a good telescopic sight is the quality of its crystals.

Their origin and polishing, are primary. It is a settled belief among hunters and shooters polygon a look does miracles or are a disaster. Neither one nor the other. They have their advantages and disadvantages. What is the difference between aiming at a target with open sights or telescopic calls? Although to give a complete answer and finished would have to include a few lines about human anatomy, we can simplify the answer as follows. White, script and rising are in three different planes.



Stating, our view must make permanent corrections distances to verify that all three elements are well aligned to achieve a precision shot. This variation causes a constant eyestrain occurs and consequently after two or three shots and have a tiredness, producing a remarkable visual decrease significantly affect the accuracy. By using a telescopic sight reticle Viewfinder (which replaces the system open aim the gun) and white they are practically in the same plane, so should not be produced changes in the focus of our eye.

Today almost all the sights of middle and high quality have the possibility to make corrections in focus, have the user presbyopia, nearsightedness or both. QUALITIES One of the ways to evaluate the quality of a watch is its resolving power (some do depend on the country of origin: German, American, Japanese or Chinese). A slightly more scientific way would be as follows. There are peak hours of the day where a good look will show that it is. At dawn and dusk the lights are weaker and through targeted could see better than the naked eye.

This quality the Germans call “Scheiner” (not to be confused with the beer), while Americans “exit pupil” (exit pupil). The Yankees putting the look measure about 50 meters and with a ruler in millimeters measured the eyepiece (the look) that has light. If the test gives 6 or more millimeters, the look is good. The explanation is that the beam of light passing is larger in diameter that can dilate the pupil in low light.

Ten keys to choose a telescopic sight

ENLARGE  riflescopes meet before buying to avoid wasting money.

1) The focus must be equal or superior weapon value purchased.

2) The rifle can be of medium quality, looks to be excellent to excellent.

3) can not hunt or impact what is not clearly.

4) the more increases have, the harder it is to have it still on target.

5) greater diameter greater target brightness (this in night shots is necessary).

6) the diameter of the lens divided increases should not exceed the number 7 (7 mm is the maximum aperture of the pupil of a normal eye).

7) in order of quality and price you have three kinds of view: German, Austrian or Swiss (1500-4000 U $ S), manufactured in USA (500-1500 U $ S), Chinese (100-500 U $ S).

8) precision shooting fine reticle used for reticle hunting thick.

9) A look at six fixed magnification and 42 mm lens diameter is the whole field of view.

10) If you saved money for a year to buy the rifle, save one and a half to buy the crosshairs.